You simply won't find a better place to invest your time, talents and energy.

The benefits are endless and the camaraderie second to none! Joining the Armada Lions Club enables you to enjoy a break in your weekly grind!

The Armada Lions have bi-monthly meetings at our own facility.

This gives our members the opportunity to take a break in their busy weekly schedules to enjoy a fine meal, the camaraderie of others and to listen to a great speaker on a timely topic. Many members of this club have commented over the years that the meeting is the highlight of their work week!

Serve our Community the way you want to!

Our members attend and become a part of any of the many committees and Boards that do the charitable work of the Club. There are many way to serve our community -- work on what interests you!


Our members enjoy a myriad of social events throughout the year. We offer family picnics, semi-formal holiday dinners

Texas Hold-em events, a Casino nights, Halloween party, Super-Bowl Playoff  and World Series parties AND MUCH MORE!

Make Friends for Life!

Many members consult each other for business needs and make life-long friends with other members in the club!

Make Friends Worldwide!

Your membership in the Armada Lions Club enables you to attend all meetings of all Lions Clubs Worldwide! So if you are traveling to Turkey, or Norway, or Venezuela this year, or if you are just going home to Wisconsin, we can hook you up with a group of people who will warmly welcome you when you arrive!

Join Us Today !

The Membership Dues for the Armada Lions Club are $240.00 per year. There is a one-time Induction fee of $100.00. If you are currently the member of another Lions Club and wish to transfer, the Induction fee is waived and there will be a Transfer fee of $20.00.  Dues are payable annually or quarterly.

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